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San Antonio to Austin

San Antonio to Austin

Waking up at 5 am has never really been a great idea. But when a dear friend from high school books you to fly to San Antonio, Texas to photograph her newborn child, one makes the sacrifice. I flew Allegiant only because it was dirt cheap and this 100% falls under the Cuban category lo barato siempre sale caro. This airline literally will charge an additional fee for breathing. Drove an hour to Fort Lauderdale airport, reserved long term parking through a third party website for Park N Fly so I could shuttle myself to the airport. You might be asking yourself why I would drive so far to fly when you have MIA right there. Well my friends, Allegiant operates out of FLL. This is when realize that my love for Lourdes, my friend, is truly unconditional. Not sure she could say the same (keep reading to find out). I was on a very serious mission and thought to myself THANK GOD for UBER, SHUTTLES ETC. What friend of mine would actually take me this early anywhere? Anyway, throughout this confusing process, I found a cheaper alternative than parking at the airport and the actual Park N FLy itself. The name of where I booked it is TBA.

The lot was full. Shuttle was there. They only had Valet spots left and I rushed out of my car and onto the shuttle. I left my favorite Tom Ford sunglasses in my car. I hope they are still there upon my return. I will update you on this.  

I made it. Still no coffee and it's 6:48 am. The flight begins boarding at 7:15 am. I'm on time and proud because if anyone knows anything about Latinos, we are chronically late. I surprise myself these days lately (this is probably due to my strict rule of not dating Miami natives, no offense my Miami people).  To make a long story short the plane should have landed at 10 am. This is a two and a half hour flight. It's 2pm and we are taking laps around the state of Texas. I only realized we were doing laps once I saw a bird’s eye view of the University of Texas logo made out of beautiful flowers TWICE!

Yup. Panic sets in right about now. And suddenly….


I ended up in Austin instead. Why? Because my go to airline, American Airlines, had a plane that took off (landed rather) into the mud and well everything came to a screeching halt. Oh and my phone refuses to make any phone calls. Hence, my friend Lourdes is not only postpartum, but now freaking out because she doesn't see one plane on the sky and each time she checks the status of my flight, it delays by an additional 30 minutes each time she refreshes and I am unreachable. So I check out some of our Navy seals below. 


The point of the story - Friends don’t let friends fly Allegiant Air. If they do, maybe your friendship should be reevaluated. ;)

I love you Lu!

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